Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 in review

Ok so I have had a pretty rough year. I don’t like where I am right now so I am going to “choose my way out” (like they said in Church) I need to make better chooses this year. A lot better. I want to be in a totally different place by the end of next year. I really want to get sealed to Jason and right now we can’t so that’s a big step. I want to be able to make and keep friends. Keep is the big part. I really screwed that up too. I wanted to be a better mom and wife but I didn’t get that done this year either. I did learn some new crafts and made a lot of charity stuff. I also worked on being a better house keeper. Not that I did much better but 5% better is still better. (I do notice that I keep a better house when we have company coming over all the time, Thanks, Moe) I just seem to get high hopes at the beginning of the year and forget all about them later. Just like read more…didn’t really do that I did read like 4 books this year but I didn’t really read my scriptures, so I don’t know if that counts, but not really to me.

Jacob when to kindergarten this year. Chase went to 3rd grade. Savannah is learning her letters and her name. (what it looks like she knows her name, lol) Gilli Just got to start Nursery. But I am a little skeptical about it since they don't teach anything in there. They play for an hour then do snack and sing and bubbles. Nothing about lessons or reading or coloring or puzzles. I just want her to learn something that relates to Christ. She plays with toys and sings songs with me. I’d almost rather keep here with me and let her color and stuff with us in our classes.

But anyway Jason still has a great job even if they cut his hours back. He works really hard and does a really great job too.
I love my family and hope for the best for the new year. I hope my family and friends do well too.

I really hope I can keep with my goals this year though. I really really do.

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Moe said...

When I was in nursery they did no a small lesson. But with 6+ kids ranging in age from 18 mo. - 3 really can't spend too much time...their attention spans are about 5 minutes. They do have puzzles and crayons etc.

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