Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hmm, what did he say?

Ok so, we played games all night long last night with Shaun and Moe. Woo Hoo! Game Night! Then this morning Jason decided that he should get his Christmas shopping done. (really I should say afternoon since we all slept in from playing games late into the Then while he was out he 'ran' into Santa and Santa told him to get a dog for Christmas. So we all went and got Sadie. She's a Queen Bullador... lol (mix of lab, queensland heeler, and bull) She's very calm and gentle. The kids were running around and screaming and she didn't even really notice. She's so cute. And potty trained!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

1 comment:

H said...

Yipee doggie! I hope Santa told Jason to scoop the poop too. Mrs. Claus would not approve otherwise!

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