Sunday, December 23, 2007

Great Day!

Okay so Church is so much more fun when its not just you sitting by yourself and not doing anything but trying to listen and stay awake. (since I am used to going going going with 4 kids) But when you sit by someone and can compare notes on the lesson. I don't even think about being hungry (since I forgot to eat breakfast again!) or being tired.

Then game night again is just oh so great! Fun games, great company, great food, kids get to play with someone. I get to play games!!! Jason even likes to play games that never happens :D


Moe said...

I don't like sitting by I was glad you were there to sit next to. You better be able to get up at 9 next year! LOL (but seriously, though... )

Bridget said...

I love church at 9 or 9:30 it is not too early but it doesn't seem like a waste of a day!

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