Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas time?

Well for me I am glad we can take the tree down. Since 1 it smells 2 its dying and dry 3 it takes up too much room, and the most important 4 our fire alarms are starting to beep that they need new batteries and aren't working right so if the tree does catch on fire it would probably burn the whole house before an alarm would go off, and 5 too many needles all over!
Now my room can be organized again since I had to put my living room stuff in there for the tree to have room. Ugg! I tried to do this on Christmas Eve, didn't work since I had to move everything that didn't belong so I could clean a new spot... took forever and missed Moe coming over in the process.

And then did I mention I spent extra time Christmas Eve putting all my pics on to a disc so I could have my SD card empty. Only to wake up and start to take a pic and it dies and I have no batteries! So I have no pics from Christmas morning.

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Moe said...

You and me both! I am already overwhelmed trying to put away all the crap...I mean presents. I am getting really anxious (not good). DEEP BREATH (in, out) DEEP BREATH. *sigh* You can come help me organize over here!!!!!

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