Monday, October 8, 2007

Savannah part two

Ok so I have been dreading today. Since I'm really not looking
forward to taking Savannah to have her arm broken to be fixed.
But this morning I make sure I call the doctor at 8 to get an
appointment today. (so I can be done with the whole thing
and just start to forget) Well the Orthopedic doctors don't
open until 8:30 so I wait another 30 minutes, call back. She tells me they should be able to get her in no problem 'How old is she?' "Three I say" 'oh well we don't do pediatrics you have to call a pediatric orthopedic to see her.'
So I call the number she gives me and they don't open until 9. So I wait 30 more minutes. In the mean time I figure I'd look online for another one but to my dismay It is more difficult to find one from my insurance web site than I think. Then Carisa calls to help out and gives me a number for a ped. ortho. at Phx. Children's Hosp. So I call them and she says 'I don't know if we can get you in let me check and call you back.' "great, ok, call me back." 25 minutes later she still hasn't called so I call her back. She says 'Oh ya we cant get you in but I called Dr White and they can get you in so they will call you any minute.' "Ok ya right!" But they did
call like 2 minutes later. But she sounds bewildered. Asking tons of questions. 'How did you find the other doctor?' "Online the Ins. web site." That's weird she says, he just got his license and shouldn't be practicing until the end of the year.' "Um what!" She moves on and I forget about it. So she finds out she can get us in around One so I bathe Savannah, braid her hair dress her nice so she feels special. Remember its not going to be fun for her.
The girls come over to watch the rest of the kids while I take her. I forget I need to go to the store for lunch stuff so right around noon I remember and rush to the store and pick up things for the girls to make while I'm gone.
Finally we get going. We get there early like I want Jason shows up for support. I am thrilled! I am now thinking if it becomes too much I can leave the room and I am not abandoning her. So we get paper work done. They call us first. I am thrilled again since I normally wait forever. We get back there and the nurse takes off her splint, says the doctor will be in shortly. Amazing he was there in just a few minutes. He says 'all we need to do is cast it and leave it for 3 weeks.'
"Uh what? I thought you had to re-brake it?!"
'No why would you think that?'
"The Urgent care made it sound like I was a bad mom for not taking her in right away and that it got worse because of it."
'No' he says look here this is where she broke it'
I look and he shows me a line that he now tells me is just a bad fracture that would actually heal on its own but if she were to hit it again it would probably actually brake. So just cast it and let it heal.
So the nurse comes back in puts a white mesh, sock like thing on and puts gloves on, wets the cast, (which is made of fiber-glass) wraps it on, lets it dry, and were done. Just need to come back in three weeks and remove it.
Do you know how frustrating it is to find out I dreaded over this all weekend and made myself feel like a bad mom for days when nothing was really wrong and she was just fine...Anyway all is well now and she like that it is pink. But she keeps telling me her arm should be fine now and I should take it off. lol

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