Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What to do...What to do

Well Jason worked all late nights last week and in doing so I figured a little bit about myself.
1) I don't like to clean during the day. I would rather play and do fun things or nap during the day with the kids.
2) I like to start cleaning around 4:30, because then I clean everything in 30 minutes and start dinner, and eat and re clean after dinner and I am done. Or I can deep clean stuff after that since I am full and nothing else to do.
3) I don't really like tv at all. I really say I want to watch all the shows that I like but when I forget their on and miss them I really don't care.
4) My house stays pretty clean during the week when Jason isn't around. Not meaning I don't want him around but that I get more done when he isn't here, I let myself get lazy with him here.
5) The longer the boys are here the more stressed I get. Yesterday they still didn't have school (in session or whatever). All day was a fight with them they beat each other or Savannah or throw fits or yell at me or give me attitude. (Chase decided to tell me yesterday, with his hands on his hips, "ok mom, chill out!")
6) I like being a Wife but only on my terms. I don't like to be told what to do or not to do. I don't like to be told how to or not to do something. Or when...I am me and love me or not I am my own boss and no one else can be.
7) I don't really get bored when I am by myself. I just do something different. Like when Jason is here and watching a show. I start to get bored and then start to eat or just whine that I'm am bored, since I feel I should stay in the room and be with him since he's home. But when hes not here and I get bored watching tv I just turn it off and sew or crochet or read or clean. But I most often turn on music and let the kids just play out back or watch a movie so they stay calm.

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