Monday, October 15, 2012

New Home

So we moved in a month ago and are getting mostly settled. We still have boxes around and stuff outside that wont fit and needs to be dealt with, but other than that we are moved in.

Things I have realized since living here.
1-I can vacuum my whole house with one plug in.
2-My kids like playing in the backyard if its grass.
3-Not having an oven, REALLY SUCKS!
4-Sometimes being friendly is too friendly.
5-Hanging out with friends and family makes me happy.
6-Getting a job is harder than I thought.
7-Not having a dishwasher, sucks a little.
8-Keeping a small house clean is easier than a big house. ;-)
9-Even in a small house I still cant find stuff.
10-Everything seems louder in a small house.
11-Not having internet sucks too.

That's it for now. I will post more if I find them.

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