Sunday, June 10, 2012

New recipes we tried this week for summer #2

2 ingredient lemon bars
turned out a bit gooey I think I bought the wrong cake mix. :-(

Chicken tortilla bake
You have to double the Tortilla bake to get a 13 x 9 pan full

Creamy Garlic Pasta
Again I had to double this to feed my family.
Jason said this tasted like something he has ordered at a restaurant
and he said it was so creamy and yummy!
Which is nice since he normally only says that to Monique's food...ha ha

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls
Mine turned out a bit more brown but really yummy


H said...

Hmm, some of these things sound pretty yummy. Plus, you've been searching quite a few sites to find these "nummies". I might have to try those pizza rolls.

Bridget Hopkins said...

Ya they were yummy but I only searched Pinterest for foods I love pinterest! I find crochet patterns and foods and I love almost everything I have made!

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