Saturday, May 5, 2012

TV VS. Real life

Have you ever watched a show and though wow my life is so much better.
 Like say you watch Married with Children and think wow my hubby never acts like that! 
Or you watch Simpsons and think wow I guess my child could be like Bart. 
Well I watch Medium every day on Netflix and think wow Allison's hubby, Joe, helps out a lot and he does dishes and drives the kids to school or takes off work to pick them up if she needs him too. And he makes dinner or helps with breakfast. And my hubby does none of these things. Ever. Yup he told me he would never help with dishes and doesn't even take out the trash. And any chore I give the kids he tells me I should be doing. And I really with I had a husband like Allison does I like does. I like Joe and the way he helps.

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