Monday, May 7, 2012

Marriage Seminar Part 3

Guiding Wayward Children Back to God's Plan
talk from Sharon Brundage

Build a foundation
Provide personal and loving relationships with your children
Communicating about everything
Teach personal relationships with Heavenly Father
Use your resources (friends, neighbors, kids friends, church)

In the Midst
Do not distance yourself
Counsel with them in personal interviews

Flown the Coop
Keep Applying all the same things!
Keep going!
Even after the move out they are still your kids!

Things to make sure we are doing
Scripture reading
Daily Prayer

Correct things now that are not inline. Don't wait!

Idea to start
-Care Bear Love-
Draw a care bear and leave the tummy blank
Make a tummy for each child and on FHE night draw a new name
For the whole week everyone is to show love/extra affection or attention to that child. 


Do a small thing for them 
or buy them a candy 
or do some of their chores 
or something that shows them you care

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