Friday, April 27, 2012

Awesome Dress

OK, This dress I LOVE! And a whole lot more than the other dress I made. The other dress took for ever and took more yarn than the pattern called for, plus I didn't even really like it after it was done. So I did a really sad thing I took the WHOLE dress out. 
Yup it was really sad. boo hoo :-P 
Anyway I got a different pattern I saw on Pinterest and started making it. This one said it would only take 3oz but I figured I have 7oz so I should be good if it takes more, right? 
Yup I have a ton left over! 
This dress is so cute and if I want to make it longer I totally can! This ladies dress pattern saved me! I was about to just throw away the other dress and never look back! It just made me sad to look at it...and thinking about taking it out made me sad too. So I figured well if keeping it makes me sad I might as well just throw it out, right? 
Maxine Gonser
 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have enough yarn left to make two more....which I may just do!!! since it only took a couple days!!!
This is the front 

This is the back
I may add cute buttons to the front too. I dont know yet.


Monique said...

Tis cute. I liked your other one too though. A splash of color, like a rose pinned or or something would be nice.

Bridget Hopkins said...

Yes, see it does need something in the front. I will have to find a small flower or something.The other dress just had too much going on for me to like it plus, I made it and knew it was wrong so...

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