Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

Sewing Machine Cover

I started with a yard of material.

1. measure your fattest parts of your sewing machine.
mine measured 13"high 16" wide 6" deep (until I finished it and realized my removable arm wasn't on and its 8" oh well)

2. fold it in half and cut a piece (using the fold)15" by 23"
keep the fold on the bottom and cut the side the 23" and the top 15" you get a piece 23" by 30"
keeping it folded sew the sides together right sides facing.

3. Then lay it back out. Cut the folded side corners 3" on each side like this.
4. Then pull the straight edges together and sew like this.5. Then fold the bottom over to hem it. I folded it and didn't like the raw edge on the inside so I folded it twice and sewed all the way around. That's it you have a perfectly boring cover. :)

6. I thought it was too boring so I bought a gathering foot and made some flowers to sew on to it. I just used the gathering foot on a leftover 1 in strip and twisted it. and then hand sewed it on.
But at least its not boring anymore. :)

1 comment:

Monique said...

Flowers are a cute touch.

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