Monday, June 6, 2011

My New Sewing Table!!!!

Today I picked up my newest addition to my sewing ? kit? anyway

I had to wait for my mom to get off work at 3:30 to borrow her truck. Then drive over to her house to pick it up and leave the kids. hee hee bonus #1 hee hee

Almost hit stupid kid playing chicken with my moms truck! Problem #1
Drive to BFE...Val Vista and Ray Rd... so only BFE for me...

Meanwhile, I had to drive the speed limit UG! because my moms truck doesn't like won't go over it. I do like driving a stick so bonus #2 hee hee

Anyway, pick up said table. Get tons of sewing info from lady selling table. And head home.

Get home to realize I have no help to carry said table in the house. problem #2
problem #3 I traded keys with my mom and don't have a key to get into my house.

So I call Jason (on the phone my mom bought me for emergencies, thanks mom) and ask Jason what to do. He says to ask the only neighbor he trusts to help me carry it in (we live in the ghetto and cant trust anyone) and to see if the back door might be open.

Ok so back door was unlocked. bonus #3
and neighbor was home and said yes. bonus #4 (NTS. when trading keys with someone make sure to think it all the way through)

So now I have the table in the house and can go back to moms to get the kids...hmm really??? ok ok I will do it.problem #4

Drive yet again at said speed limit UG! yet in a stick so its kinda ok.

Add gas to borrowed truck, cuz its not nice to borrow truck and return it empty from driving it to BFE and back.

Pick up kids and they are so wild and strung out that they are all over the house and van while trying failing to get them in. problem #5

Head home and put kids to bed at like 9:30. but they don't really 'go' to bed they just talk and play in their rooms for a while before falling asleep, driving me nuts! problem #IDK lol

ok ok so enough about getting the thing you want pics, right??? here you go!!

THe covered side holds another sewing machine or serger if I want to upgrade to that. But for now its my cutting station!!!


Monique said...

Wow....must be nice to be rich. LOL That is super cool Bridge...can't wait to see it in person.

Bridget said...

when you live in the ghetto everyone is rich...well I guess thats not right but it was only 50 bucks so...

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