Monday, January 10, 2011


So I made pork chops and stuffing and green beans tonight. And after serving my kids Chase said,
"Wow mom this is cooked to perfection!"
"Perfection?", I asked.
"Ya it tastes like something."
"So my other food doesn't taste like anything?"
Then he paused and asked,
"What is it?"
"What's Pork?"
So I changed my mind and said,
"Too late mom you already said it was pig, now I wont eat it."
"Even though you just said it was cooked to perfection?"
"Ya that was before I knew what it was."
So then I was really trying to see his response and said,
"It's dog."
"Bird, I went outside and caught a bird since I didn't have any food for dinner."
Then the whole table was laughing. So I said,
"Its really a snowman. I have Grammy bring one down from Flagstaff and it melted into pork chops."
So then all the kids were asking,
"What are the green beans then?"
"His teeth"
"And the stuffing?"
"Is uh, his stuffing..."
So we ate snowman for dinner on Monday night and all the kids liked it. ha ha


H said...

Very ingenious. Well done, sneaky mom.

Bridget said...

Thanks Helena.

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