Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Webelos

Ok for those that don't know Webelos stand for We'll Be Loyal Scouts. And we are doing derby cars this month. Which makes it easy for me since I only have to plan one week out of the month. But trying to figure out what lseeon to pick and what the boys haven't done yet is so hard. trying to figure out what will take up most of the hour or take too long. And then what I can get the parts for or what wouldn't cost too much to get. What the boys will be interested in and everything is driving me insane. I just hope it gets easier as I go.
On top of that I am still trying to learn the Scout Promise, Motto, Law, and the 12 Core Values. Its all a bit much at first. But I do have to admit that having 3 boys and 2 wild girls has helped me prepare for a bunch of boys in the scout class room. I dont think that their talking is really loud or that they are really wild when we are trying to teach a lesson. So having more kids does have its advantages.
The boys are all mostly 10 and in third grade so they are at the funny weird, stage of their young lives that they think their jokes are So funny and that other things like farts and burbs are funny. But hey I guess most men think that too, right? lol oh well I guess I just have to read more scout books and lessons and stuff. To feel more comfortable.


Monique said...

They can't be 10 and in third grade...Jaxen is in third and he is turning 9 this maybe they are in fourth. ;)

Bridget said...

Ya I read it wrong it says if a boy has completed third grade, or if not and is 10 then he is in Webelos... so maybe I have slow boys that have repeated third and are 10...:)

Monique said...

LOL good one....

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