Friday, June 26, 2009

More blogging

I haven't really blogged in a long time. But I figured I should say something since we are going on vacation for 2 weeks and don't want to miss everything while we are there so this is motivation to keep track of vacation stuff so I can blog about it when I get back.
Jeremiah has two more teeth and he got them last Sunday. He is just about to walk on his own and can walk all over furniture. Savannah went to zoo camp and I have some pics to blog later. Chase is reading all the time and Jacob only wants to play video games or computer games. Gilli just turned 3 and tells me cute things like "I need to watch this movie" when I tell her to clean up something. She was very excited to have her birthday and we sang Happy Birthday all day to her. In which she would smile from ear to ear and sway back and forth while we sang.

I hate packing for anything and hate to forget anything so I always want to double check even if I just checked if I got everything.

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Terresa said...

I hate packing, too. I dread it more than a root canal. And the worry that I've forgotten something...hate that, too. Once, we didn't go to a family reunion b/c I just couldn't get us all (a family of 6) packed. Sometimes, that happens.

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