Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I made a new bookmark and I need help making a "tail" for it.
I cant really get the best picture of it for some reason,
but Here is a pic of it.
The bookmark itself has a "lobster" look to it.
It has little bumps on each side and lines in the middles.

I can make a tassel, or a "flower" or a "A" shape for the end I need opinions on what to do. Maybe even try something new.
Here is a pic of the flower and the "A shape"

P.S. I made the bookmarks for the contest and they are ready to deliver if you want them delivered.


Monique said...

How about a wide ring or circle type tail?

H said...

A shape.

Rachel said...

How about a leaf?

And yes, I would like to request a hand delivery. I'll email you my address in Tucson and patiently await your visit. :)

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