Monday, May 4, 2009

Jeremiah's 3rd tooth

He got his 3rd tooth yesterday. Its his first upper tooth whoo hoo! Nut he keeps biting me and I think I spy another one right next to it coming in.....


Liz said...

Wow!! Morgan still has no teeth and I don't think she' anywhere close to getting any which is just fine with me.

Monique said...

Let the biting begin. If you are still interested in nursing past one year, I can give you some tips on the teeth. ;)

Nancy said...

He's getting so BIG!! I remember those days... FUN times. Sydney is already getting her adult teeth in. I can't believe it so before you know Jeremiah will be talking, eating like everyone else at the table and losing all these teeth he has coming in.

They grow too fast!!

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