Monday, March 16, 2009

My Spring Break Week

I didn't really plan anything for Spring Break but Monique reminded me that they were leaving the whole time and so I would be watching their chickens and then after they left I already missed them Sunday after church so I decided Jason could watch the chickens for a couple days and I would go to my moms for a couple days. We went and had fun. I forgot my camera so no pics but I read a lot and went for walks (OK one long walk) and the kids rented movies from the library and played whatever weird games they play outside at my moms. Sadie liked us visiting her and was jumpy all the time. I watched a couple of movies with mom while the kids were supposed to be asleep. Then we came back on Wed afternoon and Jason informed me that one of the Davis's chicken was MIA so that wasn't good. I went to the Phx library and they have a better selection than the Tempe (maybe because Phx is bigger and they have 15 branches compared to the one in Tempe) The girls came over on Wed and hung out until Sunday I didn't really get much done on my chore list it seems like with the kids home all day I didn't do much. Jeremiah is really balancing well on all fours and lifting himself up He has been sick the past week and a half so its random crying all day and night. So I didn't go to church since I didn't want to deal with crying off and on for 3 hours. (Well at least not at church with others around) Chase was sick for a couple days too. Oh ya I met my sister half way for lunch and traded give away stuff. (yes we give each other our crap to give to others) Jason took Trae out for her Daddy Daughter Birthday dinner. And then took me out for my Birthday dinner and the Dart died 3 times while we weer out and so he played with it for a good 30 min. and then during dinner talked about fixing it so I think he owes me another dinner. Hee hee no I liked my dinner with him we went to Bill Johnson's (the first place we ever ate together) and shared a "For 2" Meal. And then went to the part store and home to pick up Jeremiah and then to the store to window shop. And that's pretty much it. I didn't really do a whole lot this week I just I hope I get out of my funk soon.

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H said...

1. Spring break week is actually a week off for mothers as well, so enjoy it and don't feel guilty about it.
2. Jason TOTALLY owes you another birthday dinner. Hello?! Car talk and a stop at the part store on the way home. NO WAY!

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