Sunday, March 1, 2009

My morning...

I hear Savannah crying that her head hurts waking up Gilli and now both cry. So I go comfort Savannah who has a fever but doesn't want medicine. So I give her a drink and go to bed.
Jeremiah decides to wake up and coo and play so I go to Trae's bed since Jason beat me to the couch. Now I hear the cars on the freeway and driving past our house. The dog barking across the street and Savannah cries again. I comfort her again and see if Jeremiah is asleep. He is. I lay down.
Jeremiah wakes to eat. Savannah cries again and wakes Gilli again. I wait and finish feeding Jeremiah. She says she had to throw up. We go to the bathroom and....nothing. She cries and I finally take her temp. 101.7 I force medicine and it take forever for her to drink it.
I lay down and fall asleep....
I wake up and feel sick. I throw up 4 times and try to go back to sleep.
Jason walks in and gives me Jeremiah. I feel a little better. I don't remember anything between 8 and now.

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H said...

Oh my sucky stars, I'm so sorry for your miserable morning. I hope the 4 times puking got it all out of your system!

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