Wednesday, March 4, 2009


These are all the dishes from yesterday and this morning. I washed them all this morning. I hate dishes. But they are done! Whoo Hoo! Now for the Vacuuming and laundry hmm...

P.S. I guess I didn't post about my dish washer part that I got. So here's a recap. I got the part and Jason took it straight to the dish washer and put it in didn't fix it. So I returned the part. I either need to get a whole door thing (like $100) or just get a new washer. So I am just going to wait for tax return and either get a new one or a "new" one off craigslist. Sorry for the confusion.

1 comment:

H said...

I thought you already bought the piece needed to fix the dishwasher!?! I'm so confused.

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