Thursday, January 29, 2009

I hate food!

I got sick again and I don't think its food poisoning anymore since it keeps happening this is the third or forth time in a month. So I thought about it and the first time was probably food poisoning from the undercooked turkey but then the next time I ate taco soup w/ chips, then it was Nachos with the works then I had Taco Bell. So its probably food allergy I would think Meat or Corn (Corn tortilla chips and taco shells)

So I am afraid to eat food now I keep eating safe foods. Cereal, Noodles, Sandwiches. I just cant throw up again.
Ok maybe its my gallbladder Jennifer suggested it and it fits too.


Nancy said...

That's awful!! I have IBS and that is the most painful thing to deal with when it hits so I hope for your sake your gallbladder is not the case. I have heard gallbladder issues can be a form of IBS and that's why I mentioned it.

Good luck Sunday with all the food then! :)

H said...

Food poisoning can take up to 2 weeks to hit. So, if you happened to eat the same crud at 2 seperate times that could be it. I don't know.

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