Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hiking Experience #2

Ok this time wasn't as much fun. I still took all the kids, including Taylor this time. We took forever to get ready then right as we got there Taylor noticed Savannah had flip flops on so we had to come back home so she could change. Then Jacob started screaming in the van "My hand!!!!!" Chase kicked him because Jacob was looking at him mean. So I was going to leave Chase at home with Jason (before you ask why he wasn't hiking with us he was working on his van that stopped running) So we get back and Jason wasn't even there so I had Savannah change shoes and told Chase if he hit or kicked or whatever to anyone he would be in timeout for the rest of the day, and we left only to see Jason as we got to the "Big Park". So we get there and everyone is ready. Yeah! But then Chase started complaining and complaining an more complaining Gillian didn't even complain that much. Then on the way back Chase ran ahead and went off trail and fell and said he couldn't walk the rest of the way so Taylor "piggy backed" him the rest of the way back.

We did go farther than before we made it to #5 marker this time and it was not as close to number 4 as I thought it was much father from #4 but I did see a big blackish rock I wanted to take a pic of so I figured next time I might take my camera. And then have a hunt for you to find all my pics.

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