Thursday, December 11, 2008

"And" makes a big difference...

Are you over 4'9"? AND Over 80lbs? AND Over 12yrs? If not your supposed to be in the back seat in a booster seat! That's what I heard last night at the safety meeting I went to. So according to their standards Jeremiah in a baby car seat. (already in one) Gilli in a 5 point harness (already done) but shes supposed to be backwards!?! What until they are over- OVER- 30lbs they need to be backwards in a car seat. Savannah needs to be in a 5 point harness (she was in a booster seat) Since she's over a year and over 30 pounds but not over 40 pounds. Then Chase and Jacob both need to be in a booster seat because they are under 100 pounds and under 4'9" So all 5 of my kids need to be in car seats??? I thought the law said over 5 and they didn't need a car seat (maybe a booster like Savannah) but geez! So my sister only makes the years and pounds to drive (woo that was close) Trae and Taylor make it by the years I think they are both still under 100 so, they should still be in the back (maybe I should buy a booster for them too)...oh wait they make the height too. ok never mind. But Still I am in shock!


H said...

Carseats, schmarseats. Did you really just throw all this information in my face?!

Lalalalalala (hands over my ears, not listening!)

I'm not sure April should be allowed in the front seat, let alone drive!

proud parents said...

I don't think it's the LAW . . . just a recommendation. Otherwise, my kids won't be able to take driver's ed in high school! (John was barely 5 feet and less than 90 pounds when he graduated, and his 30-something sisters are both still under 4'9" and 80 lbs!)
I'd replace AND with OR and add another stipulation at the end: "OR whichever comes first!"
Forget it, but I'm not taking my teens to school in boosters! I'd rather take chances with the law . . . ;)

Bridget said...

I always thought it was OR but at the meeting they kept saying AND.

FizixMamma said...

They say "and" so that you can't come back and sue them. In today's world that is a real possibility, so they have to over label everything.

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