Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gillian all by herself

This is what my little 2 year old looked like when I left for an hour.This is what she looked like when I got back.

She was so proud of herself as you can tell. Even though she pretty much ruined every last thing of makeup I own.
She even said cheese when I took her picture.


Liz said...

She does look pretty with the makeup on :).

Monique said...

You don't need makeup anyway. LOL

H said...

Was Jason in charge?

Was this an excuse to buy new makeup? It would be for me.

Bridget said...

No Jason was gone doing home teaching. The Girls were watching all the kids for us. Or should I say not watching...

Jerri Diane said...

Hey, only another Mother could understand all of the feelings that come with that. It gets funnier as the days pass. LOL!

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