Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yesterday I spent all morning yelling at my kids or saying stop that, don't do that don't hit her don't be mean etc. So I get Chase ready for scout camp at lunch time and he gets picked up around 2:30. Well I feel bad but it was quiet the whole rest of the day. So I don't know if the other kids just like to pick on Chase or if its Chase but it was peaceful and quiet all day.

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H said...

I think since Chase is always the one that leaves (scouts, school, ect.) he is the odd man out. It's not that he causes it or it's fun to pick on him, it's just that he is the new kid in the house and it gives them the opportunity to try their skills on someone new. I realize it is the summer and it shouldn't really count, but kids are weird. Haven't you noticed that (during the school year)the weekend is chaos and your typically angelic preschoolers run around like banshees because Jacob and Chase are home? But, then again, maybe Chase is just a really fun big brother to pick on...

PS. I was just on Monique's blog and you switched your there and their. Since I'm a spelling tutor I have to call you on it out of love and respect! There is like "my dog is over there" (it looks like where, "where is my dog?"), and their is like "I went to their house" (it doesn't look like anything!) I'm available for tutoring weekdays between 2 and 4pm...HAH! I love you Bridget:) and you're not the first to do it, just the first person that I've picked on. (well, besides April!) Can you feel the love?!

(Don't you hate it when people's comments are longer than your original post?!)

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