Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All over the place

So I go to get breakfast this morning and the kids have eaten already, and my cereal disappeared the other day (I just figured Gilli ate it when I wasn't looking) So I pick frosted flakes from the kids cereal and as I pour it it looks just like honey bunches of oats. IT IS! Some how my cereal ended up in the frosted flake box. I still don't know how but ok.

Then we get ready for the mommy and me and after we get there the kids start to play. but not even 2 minutes later Jacob comes running up crying and of course I cant understand him so I tell him to calm down first and then he says "A BEE STUNG ME!" (ok Jason is allergic to bees and we have never found out if the kids were so I freak out) But luckily Jacob doesn't react to it and he ends up being just fine. Which reminds me I need to call the City and tell them to get rid of all the bees at the splash park.

The other thing about Chase going to camp is that I cant go to bed until they drop him off around 10:30 or later. SO I am glad tonight is the last night.

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