Monday, April 7, 2008


I felt the baby move the other day. It kinda helps me feel better about it. I told Jason that I cant really feel it "like kick" but I can feel it move and touch other organs. And he grossed out. So Thats why guys cant be prego.

I also told him I wanted to have a home birth and he responded with. Why? Then you don't get time off. But if hes here anyway then I would, right? So maybe a little more convincing and he could be for it.

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Rachel said...

I loved my home birth and will definitely do the same on my other babies! I did have to give Davey pep talks about how since there weren't going to be nurses waiting on me hand and foot that HE was going to wait on my every need. It was one of my favorite times, those first couple days after Sophia was born. He did wait on me very patiently and lovingly. I wish it would have lasted longer... I wanna go to the hospital NOW, in fact. Okay, not really, I hate the hospital. But I do want "time off" and Davey's "help" just isn't cutting it. :)

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