Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top Ten Things I’m in Love With Right Now.


Here are the top ten things that I am absolutely in love with, cannot live without, in no particular order, again since I have done this before.

1. My darling hubby, Jason.

2. My maternity clothes, since I got them for $40 and they are so cute.

3. Chinese food, I could eat it everyday. And Chocolate.

4. My computer, gotta have email, facebook, and blogging

5. My dishwasher, I dont have to wash dishes anymore and really dont scrub.

6. Crafts, this way I get in me time AND craft time, and since Moe is helping me get them done it goes a little faster.

7. Still like nap time, whether I get one or not. I love the quiet.

8. Friends, they make life so much more interesting, and a lot less boring.

9. Gardening and composting, I am really interested in these and figuring out how to be more cloth diapering too.

10. Homemade things, like bread, lemonade, julius', desserts, I like to make lots of things right

Now make your list of favorite things, I'd love to read it!

Here is my one before.

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