Friday, March 21, 2008

So I finally went to the Easter Pageant!

We get there early but not early enough since it took forever to find a place to park and then walk over and no where to sit. We see some empty chairs and they are reserved even though there is a sign that say no reserved seating and then we over hear them say the are reserved until 7:30 so we wait and GET THEM nice, right? Yeah nice until the old lady in front of us acts like she never had kids and that she cant hear because our kids are making noise and gives us dirty looks and ALL. Rotten old lady I could hear just fine and my kids were right in my face and not behind me. So grow up and remember when you had kids. :P

Anyway I liked the Pageant and the kids were actually very well behaved even though the lady didn't think so. Which is nice when I go without Jason. I just have to remember a jacket and snacks and water next time. Its a good thing I took Monique with me. lol riiight... like I took her.

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