Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I went to the doctor and she found a heartbeat so I asked if she could find two and she looked at me funny. So I told her I had already been to a doctor and thy said it was twins so she said if thats the case we need to do another ultrasound right now and figure out better dates so we did and She said around Sept 17th. and theres just one now.

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Rachel said...

BRIDGET! I did not know you had a blog! Why am I the last to know about who has blogs? I think it's your fault because you're SUPPOSED to say, "Oh hey, I have a blog, here's my address!" Geez! All these fun posts I've been missing out on! Now, what the heck, you're PREGGO? That is so cool, you are seriously an inspiration to me. You must be like the most disciplined woman ever to be a mommy to your little brood. Someday I'm going to be like you, but for now fear grips my soul when I think of having just even a SECOND child. It's so hard. Of course, so good, but hard. I'm excited to read all about your adventures in motherhood and life. Miss ya, give the ward (and the sun) a hug for me.

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