Monday, December 3, 2012

Charity Hats

For the Month of December I have joined a Charity Run by Sunset Crochet.
Her FB page is
Her etsy shop is
You can ask for the patterns by email or FB
Her email is
She is asking anyone that crochets to join and make 12 hats in 12 days to donate to preemie babies in the NICU and take pics and share them and then donate your hats to a local NICU. Also You get 12 free preemie patterns when you join and you can use any patterns you like. Yours, hers or any sent to you. So I have made a couple already and will (hopefully) post the rest on the days they are done. Yeah! Most have been quick and only one took a long time but it was so worth it! Its so cute!

Dainty Lace Preemie Beanie (20 min)

Simply Sweet Preemie Beanie (10 min)

Beautiful Bobble Preemie Hat (3 hours)

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