Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So we are moving this weekend. (or whenever Jason decides, Friday-Sunday-Tuesday...) I am SO NOT excited!
1) My house is in disarray. I cant find stuff I want and can find crap I don't think will even fit in my "new" house.
2) Jason decided he doesn't want to get a truck after he told me he was gonna get a truck and make one load. So now we are gonna get a tiny trailer and move a tiny bit at a time and it will take all week and I HATE that! All to ?save money? Ya right !!! Its gonna cost more in gas than just getting a truck and moving it all once!
3) Its a tiny house, We are going from 4 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms-and the master is half the size and the closet is half the size, We also are going from 2 1/2 large bathrooms to 2 tiny bathrooms and the sink in the master bathroom is SO tiny! We are losing a living room, a garage space, and a dishwasher.
5) Its far from anyone I know again, only far to the east instead of west. Close to people I don't like. And I don't want them to know. I have to get a job when we move and am not looking forward to that either. I don't know where to get a job, what kind of job to get, or what I will even remotely like.

I just want to crawl in a hole and die, at least I wouldn't have to deal with all of this...
Oh and the best part! We are gonna have to move again after Jason and I get a better income so much Freaking fun I just cant stand it!!!
Now I am gonna go watch Netflix and ignore anything that has to do with moving!

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