Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New baby hats I made this week

Now the Minnie Hat is missing white buttons, to look like polka dots. I just went to the store yesterday finally to get them but haven't sewn them on yet.

 This is called a butterfly hat

This is a Pixie hat

This is a Granny Square Hat 

 And this is a Diamond Pattern Hat 
(I think I might try to take a better pic later the color came out a bit wonky)

I have been trying out new hats this week and hope to try out some more. :-)


Monique said...

You said wonky! :) LOL

P.S. They are all cute!

Bridget Hopkins said...

Ya I must have got it from my phone. It says that when the internet isnt working right....connection wonky...try again later.... LOL

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