Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grenade Pattern

I got this pattern somewhat from a Lady in the UK and the Instructions were REALLY Hard to follow but after trying the pattern 4 times and asking for help I figured it out. But since it was written in UK terms I re-wrote it (what they call a Double is really a Single and it goes up from there) Here is the original pattern.
Here is a tutorial on the popcorn stitch, if you need it. I only used 4 dc in each popcorn though instead of 5.

Worsted Yarn
Size I hook
Key Ring
Yarn Sewing needle (to hide ends)

1-Chain 5, slip stitch to form ring.
2-Chain 1 SC in each stitch around.
3-(no chaining to start new round, we will be working in a spiral as of now) (SC, Popcorn, Chain 1 in the next stitch) repeat to end. (13 popcorns)
4-SC in each SC and Popcorn all the way around
5-SC, popcorn (no chain after popcorn) repeat to end.
6-11--Repeat 4 and 5 (3 times)
12-SC in each stitch around
13-(SC, popcorn, skip one stitch) repeat to end.
14-SC in each stitch around.0
15-(2SC tog, sc) repeat around.
016-SC in each stitch around.
17-Stuff Grenade from top.
18-Change to black if using two colors.
19-20--Two rounds of SC.
21-Chain 12.
22-Skip one chain, SC in the rest of the chains.
23-Finish off and sew in ends with needle.
24-Thread key chain through top for the pin.

It still doesnt look the same but its closer than the rest of them I made.


H said...

Very cool. I'll never make it, but ery cool. I can't even read an American stich so you absolutely amaze me!

H said...

looks like my 'v' key gets stuck sometimes. :p

Bridget Hopkins said...

Ya I only made this because my brother wanted one and then my two uncles wanted one after he told them about it. But I had a hard time reading the pattern and they kept turning out weird. One was small and skinny and then tall and skinny and then I tried my own idea but the "bumps" were too small I think so I tried the original pattern again and asked for help reading it.

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