Thursday, June 14, 2012

New recipes we DIDNT try this week

I wanted to try these but I just got burnt out making things so we made the Frozen Coconut Limeade and no one liked it. It was sour and really not good. We did make Meatloaf but I didn't want to stuff a bunch of cupcake things so I plopped it on the cookie sheet like normal and cooked it an hour. LOL I wanted to try the Chicken Ranch Lasagna but when I went back to start it, it said cook the sauce for 30 min and then layer and cook in the oven for 40 and then let it rest for 10 and I was like Blah I don't wanna cook for EVER so we had Cajun Chicken instead and it was done in 30 min. :) 

I haven't decided yet if we will or wont try these but as of now I am done trying new foods and we might just go to the school that has free dinner 6 days a week cuz the kids eat for free and I eat for $3 you cant beat that!!! And they have Two choices for dinner and two sides to choose from and a salad bar!! And sometimes they have icee's and free bags of food like bread or salad or popcorn or even Juice!!! And they serve breakfast and lunch if we really wanted to drive a ton and get free food...but I have to force myself to leave the house during the day so...


H said...

This totally makes me laugh! You are stages away from me...I don't even like to think about dinner during these hot, hot, hot months. The only time I got excited about it was when I broke out the solar oven. Then it didn't work the way I wanted so I got depressed again. It made a nice banana bread once. I'll have to wait for some bananas to go bad again to make that though.

Bridget Hopkins said...

Ya I got really excited to try new recipes but as I tried more and they stopped coming out right I quit pretty fast. We have been eating at the school for free most of the summer since I just dont wanna cook anymore. LOL

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