Monday, April 2, 2012

Just Great!

A friend ordered a baby blanket. And I figured out (guessed really) how long it would take me to make it. And gave her a price. Then I started the blanket tonight and worked for 3 hours and then right before I decided to quit for the night. I read the next row and saw a funny part so I re-read it and didn't understand. It said to do 5 double crochets in a chain 2 space of the previous row. Only the previous row was all double crochets. SO I re-read the previous row and it said the same thing. Only the previous row didn't have any Chain 2 spaces either so I re-read every row and noticed I messed up the last SEVEN ROWS. Yes I messed up about half the work I did tonight. I actually cried and just put it away. I will take it out tomorrow and re-do it. I am so depressed about it and really don't want to think about it. I just wanted to make it and be done. But NO!!! I have to go and mess it up big time!! ---I edited this to add the pics to remind me to not mess up again! hee hee I spent all day taking it out and fixing it. I really hated taking it out! It made me so mad, but after I got all the yarn re-done that I had to take out I felt better. I think it looks so much better now!!!

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Monique said...

That's why it took me forever to finish Owen's quilt. I messed up and was too frustrated to start again for a while. I feel your pain. :(

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