Friday, February 3, 2012

Ear Infection

Ok so my heart goes out to any kids and babies that have had an ear infection. I have never had one. And I am dying from pain and being uncomfortable with the stupid fluid in there. I took pain pills every chance I got and probably more than I should but people were talking pain in your EAR! I mean that's worse that a headache and cramps together. I was ready at one point to just stab a hole in my ear to relieve the pressure.
Seriously I was having a hard time sleeping and when I did sleep it was only until I moved and felt the awful movement in my ear and woke back up.
I have been laying on the couch for days just hoping it would feel better and I can say I finally made dinner and got my kids to do chores today. I don't know how but I stood up in the kitchen and made dinner.
I am also glad I have a 12 year old that can make burritos and ramen and sandwiches for his siblings!
I just hope the meds make the fluid go away tomorrow and I can do normal things like walk without feeling dizzy or sit for a period longer then five min., because this isn't working I never want an ear infection again in my life! I am willing to cut the thing off if I do, oh maybe that's why van Gogh did??? Did you ever think of that? I didn't until now! Ya maybe he got an ear infection and said I have had enough of this!!!

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Monique said...

I had one a few years back and it was pure torture!

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