Monday, October 3, 2011

Manic Monday

What was the high point of last month?

If you were to publish a book about yourself, what would you title it?

Mondays make me______________.

Three very different questions but thats why its Manic, right?

Jeremiah turning 3
Probably My crazy Life...
Tired, Cranky, and Frustrated.


Monique said...

High point: My Anniversary!

Book title: Random thoughts of a Stay at Home Mom

Mondays make me: feel like I am back at square one doing it all over again. :)

Bridget said...

Good for you! We just had our Anniversary yesterday and it wasn't a real high point. lol But I do know that I hate being at Square one...

melissa love said...

My high point was my husbands birthday and being with him to celebrate!

My book would be "where did I go wrong? Can I fix it?"

Mondays make me feel like I have a fresh start to make this week better than last!

Bridget said...

Wow good for you! I never feel like Mondays are a good thing!

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