Sunday, October 16, 2011

The girls room again

I had to get in the girls room again and spent what seemed like forever cleaning it. She told me it was clean so I initially went in there to vacuum it and be done but when I went in there it wasn't clean at all. and I had to clean it and when I thought I was done I saw under the bed and got more angry because it was covered and I wondered how I hadn't seen it before. But anyway I moved the bed completely and made the girls get everything and vacuumed again and we got it clean. I really hate laundry and it shows right now. I was kinda proud of myself when I saw that the laundry room was still pretty clean with the girls clothes in it. But then I remembered I did a bunch of laundry and never put it away. Its just sitting on the "laundry table". I call it that and Jason gets mad, cuz its not really a table for laundry. ha ha I still call it that and the kids call it that too.
I did get a new mop tonight and mopped the kitchen and did two loads of laundry too. Yet I dread the laundry.

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