Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

I wonder why I have to tell my son he has to go to school just to go and sit in Savannah's classroom all day because a boy pushed him and hit him and all he did was push this boy awway from him. I wonder why schools feel the need to punish the boys the same when in fact this other boy was more wrong then my "perfect" son. ha ha I wonder why He had to write sorry letters (Savannah's teacher told him to) to his teacher, the principal and the boy, when again the boy was wrong. I had to tell Jacob that next time he has to be a tattle tale on the boy first or stop playing the game and walk away again when the other boy was being mean, not Jacob. This always happens to Jacob because he is slightly faster then the other boys and can catch them or not be caught himself. At church a couple weeks ago the boys were playing tag and could not catch Jacob (again) so one boy cheated and grabbed his shirt and made Jacob hit his head on the door, having a huge golf ball size bump. I don't think its fair for Jacob that just because he is better at sports then some other poor sports that he gets beat up on.I really don't.

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