Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

Rose Crocheted Earrings

This is my favorite one! (do not use for anything other then personal use)

I always use a Steel hook 7, and crochet thread size 10.
but you could use whichever one you like to make bigger or smaller earrings.

Make a magic ring or Chain 10, sl st in 1st chain to form a ring.

Chain 1, 17 sc in ring, sl st in 1st chain.

Chain 4, skip 2 sc, 1 sc into next sc, *4 chain, skip 2sc, 1 sc into the next sc, rep from * 3 times. Chain 4, sl st in 1st of the 4ch.

Into each 4ch lp work (1sc, 1hdc, 3dc, 1hdc, 1sc), sl st in 1st sc.

Sl st in back of the sc on round 2, *5ch, keep yarn at back of work, 1sl st into back of next sc on 2nd round, rep from * 4 times, 5 chain, sl st in same sc as 1st.

Into each 5ch lp work (1sc, 1hdc, 5dc, 1hdc, 1sc), sl st in 1st sc.

sl st into the back of the sl st on rnd 4, *6ch, keeping yarn at back work, 1 sl st into next sc on rnd4, rep from * to end.

Into each 6ch lp work (1sc, 1hdc, 7dc, 1hdc, 1sc), sl st in 1st sc. Finish off.

HDC=half double
sl st= slit stitch


H said...

I almost followed those crochet istructions... alright,you lost me at "1hdc". They sure are pretty though!

Bridget said...

I can make you some if you want. hdc means Half double crochet. Its kinda like a double where you yarn over first but like a single because you pull through all three loops on the hook.

Wendys Hat said...

Those black earrings are so cute! I'm trying to teach my daughter to crochet and she will love these! Thanks!

Bridget said...

You are very welcome! I love these! I just love that they are 3D!!

Wittychiq said...

Thank you for sharing your patterns. I want to try to make them all. I'm enjoying your playlist too. Have a good day. I'm on youtube under sn 'ibyl'

Bridget said...

Thanks! I love to crochet and listen to music! lol

Anonymous said...

You instructions are very simple but you never said what size hook you used but I did made some oval earrings in steeler colors in an F hook turn out great.... ty

Bridget said...

The font color is white. When it copies its white on white. Select All and choose a different color.

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