Monday, August 8, 2011

San Francisco

We drove out to San Francisco and tried to see the bridge. But we hit traffic and fog. =(
But did I mention it was 62 degrees and so nice out we had to wear jackets at the sun set. =)

These are some of the houses we passed.

This says Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary 1937

This is what Madison thought of the bridge.... she kept asking me why is was red if it was called the Golden Gate Bridge???

Alcatraz Island

The view while we ate dinner

This was inside the restaurant

This was everyone eating ice cream.

This was the other stuff I saw...

I tried to get a pic of the building while we drove past but my flash was on and my camera died after this pic. =(


H said...

So Bridget, why IS the Golden Gate bridge red? Huh, Huh?

Bridget said...

I don't hoo hoo

Bridget said...

Oh ya did you see the post of other stuff I took a pic of the spider in the web that was still up at the party. Its in one of the San Jose posts, I did before the San Francisco one.

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