Saturday, July 9, 2011

What to make next?

I have a list growing everyday (Since I keep reading peoples craft blogs) of things I want to try and make.
I have made 13 purses, 10 pin cushions, 2 pillow cases, sandwich bag, 2 sewing machine covers, 3 ruffled shirts, 2 car visors, recovered a chair, 3 coasters, and did I mention all the purses I made? So my question is what do I make next?

Shower Curtain (the problem is I don't have a curtain in my bathroom)
Quilted Tool Carrier (need more instructions)
Skirt (afraid to start)
Bungee cord cover (do I really need a bungee cord cover)
Camera case
Tube Quilting (afraid to start)
Square coasters
Fitted Sheets
Stairway gate (need pipe and a way to attach it to the wall)

or do I go back to making more purses and pin cushions?

1 comment:

Monique said...

I vote for shower curtain (just buy a rod and it will still work), skirt (go for it!), or tubing quilt (you can do it!)

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