Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crocheted Earrings

I have been crocheting earrings and decided to start selling them since my mom told everyone at her work that I was selling them, when I haven't even crocheted in a year. ;)
$5 a set
Colors available--
Red, Pink, Black, Green, White, Yellow, Ocean,
Pink Variegated, Rainbow, Purple & white, Red white & blue.
Styles available--
Circle, Picot, Square, Rose, Sun, Star, & Spiral.

Rose in black

Picot in rainbow

Picot in red white & blue

Sun in pink variegated

Square in black

Picot in yellow

Picot in Ocean

Spiral in black

Circle in black

Star in purple & white

1 comment:

Miss Pixie said...

These look great such a quirky idea :)


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