Saturday, April 23, 2011

Smiling on Saturday (Contest ↓ )

Today we all kinda did something different Chase and Jacob had a birthday party they went to, Jason had friends over to play on motorcycles, Taylor and I made more purses. These are the ones I made I didn't get pics of hers. :(
Flower stitching on Savannah's pocket.

Stitching on Gillian's pocket she called it "Lock"
Dog stitching on both the girls pockets.

One side of the reversible purses.
The other sides.

Edited to add...

The girls and Jeremiah played in the pool all day and I forgot to take pics.


Monique said...

These bags are super cute! E would love one of these with the kitty print on them!

Bridget said...

Kitty Print and??? you need to pick two colors...;)

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