Monday, March 14, 2011

Love Doing Laundry!

At Least Right Now!

I did all the laundry in the house and each load was huge!
One large basket now equals 1 load instead of 3 small loads. And they are clean with the same amount of soap as before. I didn't even feel bad or annoyed one day after I washed my Cal King Comforter. Jeremiah peed on it again. Then he peed on my bed and I washed my sheets, comforter, (different one) and pillow cases in one load. Awesome!!!

I love it!!!! I never realized that it wasn't that bad to do laundry since I had a small washer and dryer. So if everyone has two loads (rounding up) and I have to wash towels and sheets and stuff every week. Before that would be about 15 loads a week and I just could not keep up. I always had to do a bunch on one day to try and catch up but then I would burn out on laundry and not want to do it again until it was bad. Not I start a load and it beeps (didn't have a buzzer before) Then I throw it in the dryer and it beeps...again that's cool. Then if I was to start a load at night it has a delay. So it will start early and be done when I get up and not sitting in there all night wet.

Then today I asked Jacob to throw the wet clothes into the dryer and he got mad and stomped in there to do it....came out happy and I had to ask why are you so happy? He said, "I like this washer I don't have to jump on it to get clothes out and stick my arm all the way in and try to get the clothes off the bottom."
I laughed for quite a while after that. Then I folded another load of laundry and had the kids put it away and I think that's it!


Nancy said...

That's awesome!! Definitely makes it cheaper on the electric bill too.

Bridget said...

OOOOHHHHHH!!!!! I never even thought of that!!!!

Bill said...

You Like Laundry? Have you lost your mind? By the way, I like the music playing in the background. I will have to check out your blog more often!

Bridget said...

I said for now...and I like the music but just so you know it plays random music. THanks Bill

Bridget said...

But then again maybe I have lost my mind...

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