Thursday, July 15, 2010

Um does this mean I am just plain stupid or what?

So I crashed my computer again. And again I didn't save my stuff. Again. So I have to start all over again. This time I took it to a guy and he was able to save my info to a disk so I have my church calling stuff on there and I just had to reboot my computer and all the drivers and speakers and firefox and mouse settings and screen settings and open office and my printer and and and lol more and more and more. LOL Adobe, bookmarks, screen saver oh my how I hate to reboot my computer and I lost all my bookmarks this time since I didnt ask the guy to save them so I thought I would boot my old ones from like last year when I did save them and oh my did I have a big laugh. Not only were they not organized like I had mine now but there were bookmarks like leg warmers and Mrs. Claus's cookbook and other weird things that I never used again after that and didn't have bookmarked now. LOL

So anyway I am rebooting my computer and saving all info to be current on my flash drive. At least if I do this again I will have current stuff as of now...

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