Monday, July 19, 2010

Lake day

We got back from the lake a little bit ago and we had so much fun. I think we will go again in about two weeks and take more food so we can stay longer. I was thinking the kids might like some water shoes too. It may help them have more fun. I watched them cringe as they walked on the rocks. LOL oops. We went to Apache Lake since it was only 90 minutes away and stayed about three hours. And then came back since I didn't want to drive in the dark. The drive there was kinda scary since its got some steep mountains and you are at the very edge and its only one lane in some parts but there were two ya ....scary. But for some reason the drive back wasn't scary at all??? Still don't know why but whatever. We got covered in sunscreen and took only a little bit of stuff just towels and suits and food and a couple sand/water toys and we ate right when we got there and had snacks on the way up. So we did really well for a day trip. I think I like the spot that was kinda off to the side of us better but I didn't want to move our stuff after we got there so next time we will go to that spot. lol and I was even thinking of camping there. It might be really fun! Oh ya and no pics since I forgot my camera....remember I said we took just the

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H said...

Interesting. I was thinking of taking a trip to the lake sometime. Then I decided the cost of gas was the same as the price to admission to the aquatic center. :) maybe, maybe not.

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