Thursday, July 22, 2010


Went to visit my grandma today and as we got off the freeway I heard a weird thumping, no not from the kids beating each other up, it was my tire. Yes I got a flat tire while driving with my 5 kids and my mom. LOL The funny thing is it didn't even make any noise??? The last time I got a flat it made a weird noise, you know the noise, the one that you hear and say oh crap, I have a flat! LOL Ya it didn't make that noise, it made a, wow this is a bad road noise. I looked and the road and thought it doesn't look that bad??? Hmm, why does it sound that way.....(pause for a couple sec and then realize you have a flat and feel stupid, lol) So I got out and my mom and I started to get the spare out and of coarse the back of my van was covered in crap from going to the lake.

N.T.S.-- clean out the van next time you go anywhere before you get a flat.
So I throw all the crap on the kids and take the fold up chairs out and start turning the tire release and for some reason its kinda hot?? After a LOT of turning I get the tire down enough to take it off the weird cord that holds it on...really only a cord holds this tire on my car??? Anyway... We go to take off the bolts and put the jack up and the nuts are REALLY hot and both tires are hot and I am starting to make a mental list in my head....keep gloves in the car to change a tire. Keep water in the car to wash your- now black hands- off after changing a tire...and...anyway...

So we get the nuts off and the spare on and start to put the nuts back on and they are not Extremely hot from sitting on the ground while we worked so it burnt while we had to start screwing them back on and then and nice gentleman came up from behind us.
N.T.S watch out for men coming up behind you while changing a tire...might not be to help you out... anyway...

He screwed them back in and put the tire in the car and was on his way. Thanks nice man...for not being a serial just kidding lol

So we drove to Grandmas at 45 mph and saw a "we fix anything" car place on the way and I thought, well its next to a Fast food place so on the way back we can drop it off and eat lunch and let the kids play while they fix it. NOT on the way back I stopped and he said we don't fix tires or carry tires....right? cuz you fix anything...except we drove down 43rd and saw another one and stopped in and the same thing. Their sign even said "We fix everything" And yet- not tires??? So we drove to the closest Wally and they didn't have my brand so I called J and he said, "I don't want a cheap brand I want the best brand so just drive home and get a different tire later." I reminded him I was in Glendale and that meant driving about 25 miles home and mostly freeway and he said just take side streets. Really??? Do any of you even know how to take side streets anymore??? I sure don't I have even thought about it before and thought if I had to walk to- (fill in place here)- I would have to walk on the freeway cuz I don't even know what roads go though to get there??? LOL

So anyway.

I get off the phone and the Wally guy says oh by the way you can take the freeway home you just have to go under which I say and put my hazards on and look like an idiot??? To which he replied Yes. LOL .....
So that's what I did....Yes I had to drive all the way home from Thunderbird and the 17 going under 55 and that's not the stupidest thing yet. LOL
I had a cop go behind me and then next to me and then behind and then back next to me and try to tell me I had my hazards which I wanted to sign, DUH??? Really you are telling me I have my hazards on??? Like I don't know since I am going 52 in a 65??? SO I try to sign I have a doughnut (realizing I don't know how to sign that and made a stupid looking circle) So she gets back behind me and stays there for a while then decides to leave me alone and pass me. To which I still don't know what she was thinking??? Oh well.

Then we get home and J calls and say that Discount has the tire he wants and for a good price so I call and get a quote and since he went to the one on central and baseline- the one on Elliot wanted more and I told him NO I am not gonna pay that I and gonna pay this, to which he said okay. Then he asked when I wanted it done and I said soon since I have a doughnut on there now. And he said you wanna just come in and we can fit you in somewhere? To which I said no and he said how about I make an appointment and we can get you in and out in 30 min or less. I said that sounds much better, so I went in and got two new tires done...Two you now ask why...ya well the other tire had a really big crack in it and I thought, why let that one ruin my day later, I might as well fix it now, right? So I did. And all is well. Oh and my Grandma can't remember IF she ate breakfast or IF she even took her pills this morning....and I thought my memory was bad... oh well. I guess I have something to look forward to later in not remembering this day...

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